Chick OneLok

Detailed Specification

Chick OneLok

The OneLok is a modern alternative to a traditional cast iron vice. It is at home in all CNC milling environments but it excels in low volume applications like toolrooms and prototyping shops. OneLok has a quick-change jaw system and can accept hard, stepped, or aluminium soft jaws. It has a QwikSlide mechanism that reduces the need to wind the handle and a built-in mechanism to eliminate jaw lift. Due to the precision workpiece location, OneLok can grip workpieces with high levels of rigidity at minimum clamping forces but can deliver 26.7 kN of clamping force if required.

Setup Quicker

Our BoltFast™ jaw system shaves valuable time off of jaw changes. One simple screw turn provides fast precise repeatability. Stop wrestling with buried screws, stop recutting jaws, and start saving time.




Operate Easier

We designed the OneLOK with the machinist in mind. At nearly half the weight of 1950 style vices and with an ergonomic handgrip, the OneLOK can be handled with ease.



Work Cleaner

OneLOK‘s sealed design eliminates “chip traps” for a cleaner operation and less aggravation. This means no more messy part changes or lost small workpieces.


Clamp Faster

The QwikSlide movable jaw slides with ease for rapid setup and part changes. Boost operator speed and gain efficiency.


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