Chick 4-Sided Double High Multi-Lok 082-4202

Detailed Specification

Chick 4-Sided Double High Multi-Lok 082-4202

Multi-loks are the easiest way to apply the versatility of System 5 to a horizontal milling machine. They are the most versatile products of their kind.

They can take full advantage of your horizontal CNC machine by providing the accessibility of three-part sides per station, thus combining operations and decreasing the cycle time. Double height multi-loks are suited to high volume production of small components.

They are available in either four or six sides and with standard dual station jaws they can accommodate either 16 or 24 parts. For components that are not suited to soft jaws, multi-loks will also accept machinable faceplates to create interchangeable fixtures.


  • Multiple machinable jaw options mean even the most complex parts can be clamped with ease
  • Change jaws in seconds and complete a full setup in a few minutes
  • Precise location of jaws means your datum is preserved every time you remove the jaws. Once a job is setup, it stays setup.
  • Suitable for small components

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