Capto, HSK and VDI fittings from Floyd

Detailed Specification

There are a wide range of different knurling tool solutions for both form and cut knurling, however, there are occasion where standard tooling will not suffice. Under these circumstances machine shops and engineers can turn to this brand. We have combined our expertise with the product designers at Hommel and Keller, and offer solutions that resolve the most difficult of applications. In many cases, customers require a special interface to achieve the best results for their machine and process, and it is here that our range of Capto, HSK and VDI fittings is unsurpassed.

Zeus Marking and Knurling tools can be applied to aesthetic applications such as gear knobs and watch crowns; whilst conical knurling tools are for components such as windshield wiper shafts. Complex issues can be resolved with a range of face knurling, internal knurling and small diameter application specific tools.

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