Optical Micro Gear Wheel Measurement

    Optical Micro Gear Wheel Measurement

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    We offer optical 3D surface measurement systems for quality assurance in research and production. Our core competence is the measurement of surface ro

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    Full geometry measurement of micro gears

    A new measurement module enables the measurement of all the teeth of a micro gear in one single measurement. Based on the cooperation with Frenco, international specialist for gearing technology, you can now measure deviations from the involute of a tooth flank. Amongst others, measurable parameters include form and slope deviations of both profile and helix, single and cumulative pitch deviations as well as runout error. In conjunction with a precision rotation unit you can achieve full geometry measurement of micro gears. This enables you to measure geometries such as tooth thickness, space width, and pitch diameter.

    In contrast to conventional measurement techniques, the optical and area-based technology of Focus-Variation allows for the measurement of all tooth flanks of a micro gear. Based on the largest deviation compared to the CAD dataset the relevant positions for the extraction of the profile and helix are easily defined. Thus the gearing engineer obtains revealing parameters about the maximum deviations of the manufactured gear. www.alicona.com