Measurement Sensor for In Production Measurement

    Measurement Sensor for In Production Measurement

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    We offer optical 3D surface measurement systems for quality assurance in research and production. Our core competence is the measurement of surface ro

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    IF-SensorR25 is a solid optical 3D measurement instrument for automated form and roughness measurement in production. The sensor is integrated into a production line and delivers high resolution, repeatable and traceable results when measuring surface characteristics in the µm or sub-µm range. This resolution cannot be achieved by by conventional 2D solutions or tactile techniques. The sensor can measure small surface structures and surface finish and can be mounted in machine tools, over a production line or in some cases integrated with the machine tool.

    The robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers high resolution results with high repeatability in research and production. Therefore IF-SensorR25 is a platform that enables the use of the same measurement process both in-line and in the lab. Standardized interfaces (QDAS) support an easy and quick integration into production allowing comparable in-line and lab measurements.