Broaching with Schwanog offers significant cost reduction!

Detailed Specification

Today everything revolves around cost reductions in the daily business of a manufacturer of precision parts and this is where Schwanog has yet another sound solution! Driven by a passion for achieving highest productivity Schwanog generates new productivity sources with its broaching tools, producing serrations on CNC lathes in a single machining process is only one of our missions which lead to fascinating cost savings.

Schwanog tool solutions not only enable cost-efficient broaching of serrations and grooves but can also offer broaches for special contours. Furthermore Schwanog broaching tools eliminate the otherwise necessary post machining process on another machine (de-burring) as well as the logistics for the parts such as handling, planning and controlling of the post machining process (no outsourcing) which has a positive effect on your profit.


  • Significant reduction in set-up costs
  • Entire part manufactured in a single process on one machine
  • Elimination of post machining process
  • Substantial reduction in part cycle time due to faster production cycles Cost reduction in logistics (no outsourcing)
  • Efficient manufacturing of special contours based on your application Increased competitiveness

You can download the catalogue(s) for this and various other products on our website.

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