Best BSH-100 Hydraulic Centric Vice

Detailed Specification


  • Repetition Accuracy of 5 micron
  • Extremely High Clamp Forces
  • Low wear due to Nitrogen Hardened Surfaces
  • Suitable for Internal or External Clamping


BEST hydraulic centric vices are a no compromise solution to repeating and long running 4th and 5th axis workholding. BEST have focused on the production of high accuracy, high rigidity vices. These vices are suitable for both internal and external clamping. They offer very high clamping forces and repeatability of 0.005mm and a centring accuracy of 0.01mm. The Hydraulic vices also have the following options: Clamp Path Monitoring, Fixed Jaw, Central Lubrication System and Positive Air Pressure to prevent swarf ingress.

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