Alesa Twist Coolex from Floyd

Detailed Specification

The very high grade tool flank-cooling cutting head from Alesa is fitted with spiral-design indexable cutting inserts of various carbide and HSS qualities and highest level of PVD – coatings. The innovation consists of the coolant being delivered over the tool flank and onto the cutting edge. This has the benefit that the coolant/lubricant is brought to the optimum place, without needing any special cutting inserts. Any existing HSS and carbide inserts that are suitable for wet–cutting may be used.

Other benefits include:

  • Highly efficient swarf clearance
  • Process secure milling operation
  • Perfect cooling of the cutting edges
  • Durability & tool life of inserts maximized
  • Less vibration through hydro-cushion on relief area
  • Existing standard twist (hss, x2 & carbide) inserts applicable

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