FlexLoader™ Vision Machine Tending System

    FlexLoader™ Vision Machine Tending System

    Supplied ByABB Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Fri Nov 22 2019

    Part of the ABB Group, ABB in the UK is headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire and employs 3 people operating from around 2 locations nationwide. W

    Detailed Specification

    Robot Guiding Vision System for Machine Tool Tending Applications

    A vision system to guide ABB industrial robots during materials handling with outstanding performance. Well-proven with high speed, short teach-in times and reliable production in a user friendly way.


    Simple and intuitive user interface designed for machine tool tending

    Handles an unlimited number of components without mechanical fixtures

    Teach-in time of new workpieces is less than 10 minutes

    Faster changeover time between components

    Parameterized teach-in interface for lathe applications provides a quick
    and easy user experience

    Pre-programmed robot code provides short installation time

    Single point of operating control