FlexLoader™ FP 850 Machine Tending System

    FlexLoader™ FP 850 Machine Tending System

    Supplied ByABB Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Fri Nov 22 2019

    Part of the ABB Group, ABB in the UK is headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire and employs 3 people operating from around 2 locations nationwide. W

    Detailed Specification

    FlexLoader FP 850 is fully automated and picks up tubular shapes directly from a pallet.

    It handles workpieces that are in disarray just as well as those arranged in layers, with or without dividers.


    Rather than using traditional 2d or 3d vision, FlexLoader FP 850, utilizes a laser sensor that is placed in the gripping tool to guide the robot to the workpieces. The advantage is that less hardware is required, such as no computer or camera tower.


    Suitable for tubular shapes
    Picks up layered workpieces
    Can automate up to three machines