FlexLoader™ FP 300 Machine Tending System

    FlexLoader™ FP 300 Machine Tending System

    Supplied ByABB Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Mar 04 2020

    Part of the ABB Group, ABB in the UK is headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire and employs 3 people operating from around 2 locations nationwide. W

    Detailed Specification

    FlexLoader FP 300 is a compact and proven function package for machine tending and assembly operations, preconfigured and ready to use for fast integration. The solution is a combination of robust hardware and intelligent vision software. It is an ideal solution for instance to tend small workpieces to transfer machines with short cycle times.


    Profitable even when used for only one shift
    Built on a single baseplate, easy to install
    Suitable for castings
    Small footprint
    Easy to install
    No need for special fixtures
    Integrated safety functions
    Reduces the operator time up to 60% compared to manual tending
    Quick changeover time
    High availability for chaotic feeding of workpieces