Harrison Alpha manual/CNC lathe Range

Detailed Specification

The Harrison Alpha XS CNC combination lathe range is designed for fast, high-quality repeatability, accuracy and surface finish to exacting toolroom accuracy standards (DIN 8605), which ultimately significantly reduces component production costs.  No other lathes on the market today, including full CNC machines, can compete with the Alpha XS for speed of production when it comes to one-offs and small batch turning.  The Alpha XS Manual/CNC range has a wide choice of different size options to cover a vast variety of turning applications.
The NEW Alpha XC CNC combination lathe takes on full milling, drilling and tapping capabilities, reducing the need for second operation production for one-offs & small batch components on the simplest CNC lathe to operate in the world.  The 3-axis XC version is available in two models, the standard 1400XC and the heavyweight 1550XC.

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