XYZ Machine Tools’ new range of ProtoTRAK TMCs offer engineers a new option

Paul Jones of MTDCNC is at the XYZ Machine Tools headquarters in Tiverton, where Nigel Atherton talks about a brand-new range of TMC machines. As opposed to the previous ProtoTRAK machines, the new Toolroom Machining Centers are now built as enclosed models with a tool changer. The TMC range offers the ability to contain coolant and chips, making them cleaner and safer in the factory environment. Perfect for keeping contamination away from the shop floor, the machine is specifically for medium to large batch ranges. The handwheels give it the same feel as the previous ProtoTrak machines. Available in four models, the 500 TMC, 750 TMC, 1000 TMC, and 1600 TMC, the numbers depict the X axis travel. The latest RMX touch screen control makes it simple to use and easy to integrate, allowing for a seamless transition for existing customers.

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