Total flexibility and performance with the DAHLIH MCH-630 supplied by Ward Hi-Tech

If you’re machining a range of complex components, this DAHLIH machine is one you don’t want to miss! At TIMTOS 2023, Colin Griffiths of MTDCNC and Richard Pearson of Ward Hi-Tech discuss the phenomenal benefits of the powerful twin-pallet machine enhanced to a 6-pallet pool. The machine suits heavy cutting for steels, Inconel, or any combination of tough materials and offers tremendous power for big cuts as well as precision for finer, complex cutting. Box guideways, a BBT-50 spindle, 120 tools, and 6,000 RPM create the perfect scenario for a range of components. Find out more about some amazing DAHLIH control functions like adaptive feed rate and spindle load monitoring and how to schedule each pallet for different components.

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