Buy a HWACHEON from Ward HI-TECH and enjoy flexibility with driven and static tooling!

How does a HWACHEON lathe enable powerful milling operations? Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC and Richard Pearson of Ward HI-TECH discuss flexible manufacturing, prime turning, HWACHEON rigidity, and how to get the most out of this beast of a machine. Ward HI-TECH offer a massive range of huge machines, including long, flat or slant beds. In the video, we see the long bed version available in 3 different bed lengths, where some machines are driven tool with Y-axis and some without. This specific model allows 40 variations and has a 15-inch chuck, 12-station turret, BMT65, and up to 12 driven tools on one station on one turret. Richard explains how changing some of the driven tools allows them to perform powerful milling operations on hard materials. Find out how you can achieve heavy cutting and surface finishes between 0.2 and 0.3 CLA but do away with grinding operations and annoying tool changes! Ward HI-TECH have every combination in stock, including 6 different machines of different varieties for the 450 model. If you’re interested, buy one now on a 10% deposit with the balance paid next year.

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