World Premiere: Starrag’s STC 1250 HD – Revolutionising Titanium Cutting | Tech Days Exclusive

Discover the future of titanium and Inconel cutting with Starrag’s new machine, unveiled at their Tech Days in Switzerland.

Paul Jones from MTDCNC sits down with Alexander from the Starrag Group to delve into the capabilities of the ground breaking STC 1250 HD.

The STC 1250 HD is Starrag’s new hydrostatic machine, designed for heavy-cut materials like titanium and Inconel. Its unique build reduces vibration, ensuring faster, more reliable cuts while saving on tooling costs.

The STC 1250 HD isn’t just about speed – it’s a cost-saver, particularly for the expensive tooling required for hard materials. Its impact on aircraft manufacturing, given the rising demands, is set to be substantial.

If you’ve ever thought cutting hard materials had to come with compromises, think again. The machine’s performance is impeccable, even with a 63mm depth of cut. And this doesn’t mean a shorter lifespan for the machine or tools – quite the opposite.

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