Super-Fast Profile Machining for Structural Components – Starrag ECOSPEED F

Ever wondered how high-tech airframe components are crafted with precision and speed?

Join us as we explore Starrag’s groundbreaking new profiling machine the ECOSPEED F, designed with medium-sized aluminium structural components in mind.

Discover the capabilities of the 4-metre table, the jaw-dropping speed of metal removal, the intricacies of the unique spindle design, and the advanced systems monitoring every movement.

This isn’t just any machine; it’s a revolution in the engineering world. With an ability to remove metal at a staggering rate of 160 litres of swarf per minute, and intricate five-axis movements, you won’t see machinery like this elsewhere.

Get a closer look at its 30,000 rpm spindle, adaptive measuring devices, and the Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head that makes this machine a masterpiece in engineering.

If you’re as awed as we are by this engineering marvel, make sure to check out more machines from Starrag on MTDCNC –

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