Starrag’s Bumotec range – there’s not much you can’t do with one of these machine tools!

If you want to take advantage of a truly multifunctional machine, you’ve got to check out Bumotec – Starrag’s single platform, built like a Swiss Army Knife!

At the gorgeous Starrag factory in Switzerland, MTDCNC’s Paul Jones has an exciting conversation with Lee Scott of Starrag to talk about the Bumotec platform that serves as a one-shot solution for different operations – turn, mill, drill, skive, you name it! Watch the video to find out how Starrag ensures such incredible precision and surface finish on complex tight-tolerance parts and how their Bumotec machines are able to deliver fully automated mass production.

Stay tuned to MTDCNC for a series of upcoming videos all about precision machining of complex medical parts on Starrag machines!

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