Can you make big parts with EDM?

Are you under the impression that EDM is primarily for small parts? It’s time to challenge that perception. Join Lyndsey Vickers from MTDCNC as she shatters the stereotype and unveils the incredible range of Sodick’s large-capacity EDM machines at EMO 2023.

In this video, Lyndsey, alongside Conor Plaskitt from Sodi-Tech UK, takes you on an eye-opening journey through three remarkable EDM machines:

AL80G: Crafted for large die and mold manufacturing, particularly in the automotive sector. Discover how it enables lights-out running, optimising your workspace.

ALC600GH: Featuring a larger Z-axis and up to 500mm cutting capacity, this machine excels in handling additive-manufactured parts, proving that EDM is ready for the future of manufacturing.

ALC800GH: Explore the pinnacle of high-end technology with an astounding 800mm cutting capacity, redefining the possibilities of precision engineering.

What sets Sodick apart? It’s not just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about longevity. Sodick machines have stood the test of time, delivering impeccable accuracy for decades, making them a wise investment for your high-end manufacturing needs.

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