Walter Offers New Solid-Carbide Taps for Blind-Hole Machining

Walter introduces the TC388 and TC389 Supreme solid-carbide taps for threading hardened steel. According to Walter, the tools are designed to solve problems in blind-hole machining in particular, because reversing the tap during this process can cause torque peaks when the root of the chip is sheared off, resulting in tool failures.

Walter aims to solve this problem with the TC388 Supreme (50-58 RC) and TC389 Supreme (55-65 RC) with its new patent-pending cutting geometries that fully shear off the root of the chip when reversing, thus minimizing torque peaks. This prevents fractures, prolongs the tool life and increases process reliability. Furthermore, the new taps are coated using Walter’s new HiPMS coating technology, which is said to create a better surface finish and improve thread form quality. Lubrication with oil, which was often necessary until now, is no longer required; instead, standard water-based emulsions can be used, optimizing handling and saving additional machining costs. The TC388 and TC389 can be used for tapping both blind-hole and through-hole threads up to 2 × DN.

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