VOLLMER CS 860 checks all the boxes for precision, flexibility, rigidity, and automation!

Tony Gunn of MTDCNC is with Lloyd Dille of VOLLMER to talk about the differences and advancements on the new CS 860. Internally similar to the CHD 270, the new sharpening and grinding machine comes with the addition of three measuring systems. Sporting a measured cube system, probing system for angles, and a microphone pickup, the CS 860 gives customers the best possible solution for stock removal. There’s added flexibility, rigidity, and precision as the machine remembers its position when it was turned off last and removes operator errors to avoid rework on the blade. The machine’s learning AI software features a grinding optimization program, which offers greater efficiency and increased processing time by 24%! Watch the video to find out why the German engineered CS 860 is well worth the investment. And how you can take advantage of its advanced precision, flexibility, inspection through measurement printouts, and full automation capabilities.

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