This is I-C Automation’s full-blown Advanced Manufacturing Cell

Tony Gunn interviews Ivica Cacic from I-C Automation to discuss the advanced manufacturing cell designed to run a full shift unattended, with raw parts in and completed parts out. The cell is split into two parts: a slide cell and a chassis. There are 11 machines setup for robots. The slide cell has two robots running on a 19-meter rail that’s tending 7 different CNC machines. Designed with the ability to do offsets on the machines individually from the robots, the cell’s controllers and tool changing are accessible without having to shut automation down. An intuitive, visual, and descriptive interface makes it easy to know exactly what you need to do. The cell also comes with sensors and mechanical gauging for critical inspections or feeding the robot’s placement on the pallet and the tray that has parts. I-C Automation are a control systems integrator that primarily specialize in automation and robotics. They also partner with auto machine distributors to provide machine tooling work cells. Watch the video to hear from Ivica on how automation has helped American manufacturing maintain quality and process control to become more competitive.

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