New innovations offer the perfect finish for face mill operations and massive removal rates for end mill

Tom Skubala of MTDCNC visits the ZCC-CT booth at AMB 2022. Bernd Heinermann of ZCC-CT talks about some brand-new products as well as the VPM series specifically for massive material removal rates. VPM is the first cutter for full slotting with high chip removal, stability, and a cutting edge perfectly designed with new carbide substrate coating. Talking about the 3 new tools on display at AMB, Bernd shares more on the cutter for round inserts RDMT and RPMT. Another tool is the EMP14, the new cutter for aluminium milling presented for the first time at AMB. With newly designed cutter body and inserts, the EMP14 offers a wide range radius. The last product is the FMA12, the biggest face mill on the stand that has inserts with 3 kinds of chip breakers for finishing medium and rough operations. Its stability, 16 cutting edges, and combination of coating and substrate make it perfect for use with steel and stainless steels. If you’re looking for end mill or face mill operations to give you the right finish, check out ZCC-CT.

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