Merrifield Machinery Solutions has never lost a single test cut with this Eurotech CMZ machine!

Is this Eurotech CMZ machine everything that we dream it could be? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC meets Nick Merrifield of Merrifield Machinery Solutions to find out! Combining super imposed cutting, pinch turning 3 tools in the cut, and 12,000 RPM live tooling in both turrets as standard, this CMZ machine is a game-changing workhorse that hasn’t lost a single test cut at Merrifield Machinery Solutions. Offering flexibility and rigidity by combining multiple operations into one, the machine has options for bar feed, gantry feed, and automation to cover pretty much anything. Get in touch with Merrifield Machinery Solutions for a live cutting demonstration and find out how this Eurotech CMZ machine can support your manufacturing requirements.

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