It’s all about precision, perfection, and profitability with the PX30i

Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Kevin Lichtenberg of Methods Machine Tools discuss the automation, precision, reliability, and accuracy of YASDA. Recognised as the most accurate machine tool in the world, YASDA has evolved into machines that make precision parts to a high degree of accuracy. Standing in front of the PX30i, Kevin provides insight on the pallet change system and how YASDA has come up with the ultimate combination of number of pallets and number of tools to provide lights out running capability for customers. With 33 pallet positions and 323 tools, the PX30i offers the flexibility to load 33 unique part numbers to run through the night! These machines are all about high-mix low-volume work, offering increased productivity and profitability for shop owners. Watch the video to find out how YASDA achieves ultimate precision and geometric perfection on machines like the PX30i.

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