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Does your machine shop run at maximum efficiency? Do you know how your machines and tooling are performing? If the answer is no or you’re not sure you need to talk to Nathan Byman at Wolfram Manufacturing. Wolfram Manufacturing runs what is best described as a production technology lab, which is both a working machine shop and a technology consulting firm helping OEM’s with tools like adaptive machining. Founded in 2011,Wolfram was an extremely versatile machine shop that specialized in medium to high volume production of metal parts. Wolfram focused on using the best technology manufacturing had to offer and appealing to the next generation of engineers. Still operating a full production shop, Wolfram has expanded to offer consulting, training, and distribution of 3rd party hardware & software solutions to help their customers reach the next level. Wolfram Manufacturing exists as a place where ideas, innovation, and practical application come together to make the manufacturing world better. As Tony Gunn from MTDCNC discovers they are working with Caron Engineering, a leading provider of tool monitoring, automation, and process control systems for the manufacturing industry. Caron’s growing product line of smart technology combines high-precision sensors with advanced monitoring capability to reduce cycle times, promote unattended operation, eliminate human-error, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to machines and work-holding. Together they have created an unbelievable modular, real time Production Management System.

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