Exclusive factory tour – 100 years of technology, innovation, and growth at MOTOREX

This beautiful factory tour of the globally active Swiss manufacturer is nothing short of impressive! Join Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Simon Schenk of MOTOREX as they discuss the history, longevity, and significance of MOTOREX and how far the company has come to cover 85 countries and over 38,000 active customers! Simon leads the full tour of the glorious factory to show the incredible techniques and automation behind preparing lubricants and other processes at the facility. From temperature-controlled storage areas to sustainable cleaning and filling stations, MOTOREX has proven its position as an eco-friendly, innovative, and customer-centric manufacturer. Watch the video for a closer look inside the facility’s chemistry lab, industry 4.0 solutions, and a complete floor filled with beautiful reminders of how MOTOREX first started.

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