Creative Technologies on zero-maintenance HAAS machines & reduced cycle times

Started 8 years ago with one machine and two employees, Creative Technologies in India now cut a ton of steel for the aerospace industry. Tony Gunn of MTDCNC is with Sathisha of Creative Technologies to hear the incredible story of growth to 16 machines and 54 employees, where they still have their original HAAS machine from 8 years ago! Creative Technologies cut hard materials like titanium, Inconel, and different steels on machines, including the HAAS DT-1, the VF-4, and VF-2. Sathisha describes the zero-maintenance of HAAS machines and the benefit of regular preventive maintenance. Sathisha also explains the importance of tool selection when machining hard materials and how he was able to reduce cycle time by almost 50%. With facilities like the WIPS, auto door system, and micro programming, Sathisha says he’s able to run machines without any disturbance! Find out how upgrading machines to new technologies can be a lifetime investment for your business.

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