From Hard Materials to 5 Million Tool Changes: FANUC’s Game-Changing ROBODRILL!

Discover Why Everyone’s Talking About FANUC’s ROBODRILL: Tony Gunn dives deep into the world of advanced CNC technology with Kevin Sarro from Methods Machine Tools.

Methods Machine Tools, a frontrunner in CNC machine tools and engineering, reveals the unparalleled speed and reliability of the ROBODRILL. Find out how it’s revolutionising cycle times, cutting them by an astonishing 30-40%.

Dive into the capabilities of ROBODRILL as it seamlessly handles both soft and hard materials. Plus, be amazed by its impressive track record of 5 million tool changes before it even thinks about needing a service.

It’s not just about brute strength; the ROBODRILL offers an intuitive control experience that’s user-friendly. If you can use a smartphone, you’ll feel right at home.

Thinking of expanding into automation? Kevin uncovers how FANUC robots integrate seamlessly with FANUC machines, simplifying expansion plans for companies eyeing the future of automation.

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