Lehmann Rotary Tables from Leader Chuck Intl

For more than 40 years, Swiss manufacturer pL Lehmann has been building compact, high precision CNC rotary tables. Within a minimum footprint on the worktable, starting at just 136 by 311 mm, these products offer not only a wide variety of workpiece clamping options, but also maximum use of the machine tools working envelope and travels.

As Mark Jones, Managing Director, Leader Chuck International, explains: “These compact, innovative CNC rotary tables are designed to meet the needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized workpieces in the machining industry. By minimising the footprint needed to fit the rotary unit on the machine’s worktable the machine can be set up and ready to run, whereby typical 3-axis machining operations can be conducted on one end of the worktable while the forth-axis rotary unit remains fixed on the other.”

With just four basic sizes of rotary tables covering from 100 to 500 mm diameter, Lehmann cover the performance range required by most machine shops. Rotational speeds up to 210 rpm provide a 90o index in just 0.21 seconds. A feed torque of up to 750 Nm combined with heavy duty bearing allow high spindle loads for aggressive cutting strategies

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