Ferralium 255-SD50: The Superior Choice in Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Discover the exceptional qualities of Ferralium 255-SD50, the original 25% Chromium Super Duplex Stainless Steel, patented by Langley Alloys in 1968. Celebrating over 50 years of successful service, Ferralium 255 stands out as the highest strength super duplex stainless steel available, with a yield strength (YS) exceeding 85ksi. Its superior acid resistance is enhanced by a 2% Copper content, making it the material of choice in various demanding industries.

Ferralium 255 is extensively used across sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Fertiliser Production, Naval, Water Treatment, Mining, and Flue Gas Treatment. An interesting fact highlighted in the video is that the Statue of Liberty contains over 9 tonnes of Ferralium 255, underlining its legacy and reliability.

For more information and to discover the full range of applications and benefits of Ferralium 255-SD50, visit Langley Alloys at langleyalloys.com.

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