Hexagon and SECO Tools provide the right solutions for manufacturing complex materials

MTDCNC is in Alcester UK to learn more from Zoltan Tomoga, Hexagon’s Product Manager for EDGECAM and IMC, about their partnership with SECO Tools and how they collaborate to represent digital manufacturing. Working together for decades, Hexagon use SECO Tools to feed back to their development team and fine tune solutions for tool path creation. To represent EDGECAM’s full blown CAD/CAM solution, Hexagon are manufacturing a complex part for a customer by using a DMG CTX 550 and creating a mill turn process using ceramic SECO tools to highlight problems with Inconel. Zoltan talks through the process of creating tool paths in EDGECAM, generating and verifying the G-code with NCSIMUL, and sending the manufactured parts for inspection to measure critical features fed back to their ICM solution. If you’re manufacturing difficult parts or materials, Hexagon have the right tools and great partners in place to provide a complete solution from design engineering and manufacturing to inspection.

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