Sacrifice feed rates for longevity?

Tired of sacrificing feed rates for tool longevity, especially in tricky materials like stainless steel? Imagine optimising both, right at your CNC workstation. Join us at MTDCNC as we tour the Gühring booth at EMO 2023 in Hannover, shedding light on cutting-edge solutions that speak directly to the precision engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Our tour features an array of new products from Gühring, including their modular slotting system and specialised milling cutters. What sets these tools apart? Gühring combines durability and elasticity, employing materials like carbide and HSS, and they even have their own proprietary carbide and coating machines to dial in perfect performance.

A standout moment is our discussion on Gühring’s Sharp Extra Short, which can achieve up to 40% higher feed rates in stainless materials. That’s right, Gühring gives you the opportunity to accelerate your cycle times without compromising on tool life. If that doesn’t say “best of both worlds,” we don’t know what does.

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