See this Flexible Manufacturing System at Cosworth

UK Service Manager for Fastems, Ian Peters, talks about the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) installed on site at Cosworth. After installing such a system, Fastems prioritise maintenance and operator training to help customers be able to manage the system, perform all tasks, and get production to where they need it to be. Fastems offer endless possibilities for upgrades depending on customer requirements, including the addition of machines and robots. Talking about the FMS, Ian shares its intelligent functionality where if a machine breaks down, the software is clever enough to adapt and another machine then takes control to ensure the task is delivered. Fastems provide fantastic service and support with their engineers and remote support team as well as periodic maintenance every six months. Moving towards digital services, Fastems are looking at a cloud-based My Fastems Portal that can order parts, monitor service history, and put in service requests for breakdowns to offer everything for customers at the touch of a button.

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