Enhanced productivity and efficiency with the WH-AMR automation cell from DMG MORI

Industrial automation is only growing, and DMG MORI has no intention of staying behind! Join Tony Gunn as he interviews Shun Kawamura of DMG MORI on the WH-AMR and its role in automation. Work Handling Autonomous Mobile Robots are built to manage the logistics of various workpieces and enhance industrial productivity. Watch the video to understand how these robots can load workpieces into NTX 1000 Turnmill machines while also changing out chuck jaws. Along with automation capabilities, these collaborative robots have sensors that help avoid collision. Promising safety and efficiency, WH-AMRs are built to remove the mundane, the dirty, and the dangers from a production cell without taking over our jobs! If you’re interested in this fully interactive automation cell, reach out to DMG MORI.

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