This hybrid machine offers turn-mill and additive manufacturing on one machine

Eric Hulen of MTDCNC is at the DMG MORI Chicago Technology Show for a closer look at the LASER TEC 3000, a direct energy deposition hybrid machine that combines turn-mill and additive manufacturing technology. Tilo Buergel of DMG MORI talks about the solid product, new in the US, that offers both additive and subtractive machining with a simple changeover process. The machine has several applications, but it primarily targets repairs such as rebuilding worn out surfaces on components or cladding a hard facing to make components last longer. Instead of buying a big blank and machining it away, the LASER TEC 3000 allows for everything to be done in one operation, offering the benefit of cost savings. The hybrid machine offers incredible support for those looking to push for new metals. Find out more about this amazing machine and how DMG Mori utilise feasibility studies on parts to develop an alloy and process for specific applications.

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