Phenomenal Growth but how?

When James Beddoes bought Pattern Fasteners the company was a one man band with a machine shop full of manual machines. Now five years on they have a staff of 17 people, 7 sliding head CNC machines and 3 fixed head CNC machines together with the original manual machines. James tells MTDCNC’s Colin that all this has been made possible with the help of Citizen Machinery. Pattern Fasteners initial purchase was a used Citizen L520 followed by a few other used Citizen sliding head machines. Their first new machine was a L20 VIII LFV (Low Frequency Vibration) which has proved particularly useful in preventing birds nesting when cutting plastics. As business and demand from their customers for larger and more complex parts increased they bought a Citizen BNE51 and an ABX64SYY2, a top of the range Miyano, twin spindle, twin turret and 2 “Y” axis; it has ability to machine simultaneously at the left and right spindles using the upper and lower turrets, both featuring a “Y” axis function, meaning that complete front and back machining of products with complex shapes can be accomplished simply and in a short time. Without the help of Citizen Machinery and their salesman, Warren Garrett, over the last 5 years, it would not have been possible for Pattern Fasteners to in crease their turnover 10 fold. Phenomenal growth!

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