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Ep 17
Global Journeys with Tony Gunn: From Machinist to Media Mogul

Step into the globe-trotting world of Tony Gunn, a man who swapped lathe tools for leadership roles and never looked back. Despite jumping onto social media just recently, Tony’s journey from a hands-on machinist to an international best-selling author and a revered business consultant across 40 countries is nothing short of extraordinary. Now supporting the ship at MTDCNC, the premier news and media channel for the manufacturing world, Tony embodies the spirit of innovation and global insight. Join us as we uncover the shocking story of how he navigates cultural borders and industry waters. Whether he’s keynoting at a major conference or strategizing in the boardroom, Tony Gunn’s life lessons are a masterclass in adapting and thriving in the ever-evolving world of international business and manufacturing. Tune in to get inspired by his unique blend of humor, intelligence, and relentless motivation—a true testament to the power of reinvention and leadership.

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