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Se 1 | Ep 9
FactoryTALK Episode 9: The robots are coming! Why UK manufacturing needs to embrace automation

On FactoryTALK this week, Richard speaks to the Managing Director of Bauromat UK, John D’Angelillo, He challenges the fears that automation is expensive and risks job losses, in fact, he says avoiding automation can cost you and your business money.

After a lifetime working in the industry in the UK and overseas, John’s company offers a complete package to businesses of all sizes to help them embrace automation and to introduce, and profit from the use of robotics.

He looks at why the UK has struggled to match other countries when it comes to adopting new technologies, and in a fascinating and challenging interview, draws on his expertise to push British manufacturing up the robotics league. As he says, every conversation with a new company begins by looking at ways for it make more money.

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