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Se 1 | Ep 5
FactoryTALK Episode 5: Industry 4.0 is coming, are you ready? What’s going to provide the biggest boost to your company?

On FactoryTALK this week, Richard is joined by the Managing Director of MyWorkwear James Worthington. As the company supplies branded workwear and uniforms to wide range of companies across the UK, James is in a unique position to assess the speed of recovery from the Coronavirus lockdown.

The last six months has also seen his company branch out and provide a range of PPE garments, in connection, and in support of its traditional catalogue.

James looks back over the Covid-19 period, and offers a fascinating insight into how business can adapt and move forward. Looking to the future he speaks about the power harnessing Industry 4.0 will bring to his company, and all manufacturers as UK business adapts to the “new” normal.

MyWorkwear is a founder member of FactoryNOW, the new initiative launched to help the British manufacturing sector boost sales, collaborate and shorten supply chains visit their profile here: https://www.mtdmfg.com/factorynow/myworkwear/

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