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FactoryTALK Episode 1: CNC Robotics, experts in industrial automation and robotics integration

In the inaugural FactoryTALK show, MTDMFG’s manufacturing correspondent Richard Jordan talks with CNC Robotics’ Managing Director Philippa Glover.

CNC Robotics was formed to find a way of CNC milling large components without a huge budget requirement. Now 10 years old, CNC Robotics has progressed to become a market leader within the robotics integration arena, using robots and associated technology to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to manufacturing problems. Working with customers as their de facto external R&D team, they bring a creative, collaborative and focused approach to every project, always striving to give their clients a competitive edge.

The Liverpool-based firm’s broad experience across a variety of processes and applications allows the company to solve many production issues quickly and efficiently. Specialising in tackling the most demanding challenges, often inventing new bespoke processes that use robots in novel ways. An innate passion for continuous improvement and innovation keeps their own people and products, and, therefore, their customers, at the leading edge of technology.

CNC Robotics is a founder member of FactoryNOW, the new initiative launched to help the British manufacturing sector boost sales, collaborate and shorten supply chains www.mtdmfg.com/factorynow/cnc-robotics/

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