ZEISS announces new medical webinar series

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    ZEISS announces new medical webinar series

    ZEISS announces new medical webinar series
    Thursday 8 April 2021 3:40:59 PM42 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Webinars taking place on 21st April, 12th May and 26th May 2021

    With such stringent regulatory requirements in the medical industry, due to many products having a direct impact on the quality of peoples’ lives, manufacturers depend on reliable quality assurance systems. ZEISS understands the regulatory challenges of the industry, and the requirements faced by manufacturers and their quality departments.

    That’s why ZEISS are delighted to offer a new webinar series dedicated to quality assurance methods for the medical industry, with the first of three taking place on 21st April 2021. This webinar series will offer practical demonstrations for measuring a range of different medical components, features and materials, using optical, non-contact and x-ray inspection methods

    Please find attached the press release for further information on each of three individual webinars.

    For more information on ZEISS Medical Quality Solutions, please visit: www.zeiss.ly/medical-quality-solutions


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