XYZ Machine Tools extends turning centre range with two new models

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    XYZ Machine Tools extends turning centre range with two new models

    XYZ Machine Tools extends turning centre range with two new models
    Friday 18 September 2020 6:16:57 AM94 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    XYZ Machine Tools Compact Turn series of turning centres has proven highly popular over the years. However, not resting on its laurels, the company has responded to customer feedback and extended the range to offer greater capacity introducing the CT 65 HD and, a highly cost-competitive solution with the CT 52 LR.

    The CT 52 LR extends the move to the use of linear rail technology to turning centres by XYZ Machine Tools for the first time. Having proved successful on its machining centre range, where sales have been beyond expectation, the same level of interest in linear rail technology is being shown for the CT 52 LR. The advantage of using linear rails is primarily the cost, but without any compromise in capability. The CT 52 LR is available from under £36,000 making it highly advantageous to small and medium-sized businesses looking to step up to turning centre use. Despite of the relatively low cost, the CT 52 LR boasts an impressive specification as standard. This includes 15HP/11.2 kW (4500 revs/min) spindle, 52 mm spindle bore, 10 station turret and Siemens 828D control with the PLC written by Siemens UK. As standard the CT 52 LR is equipped with a 150 mm three-jaw chuck, but there is an optional Hainbuch collet system and Hydrafeed, or LNS, bar feed units. All of this is built upon a 2000 kg solid meehanite cast base that provides the rigidity required for exceptional machining performance.

    As part of the Compact Turn family, the CT 52 LR lives up to its description, with a footprint of just 1930 x 1420 mm. This makes it ideal for the smallest of machine shops, it can literally be located anywhere in the factory! This small footprint disguises a large turning capacity which sees a maximum turning length of 300 mm, swing over the carriage of 300 mm and a maximum turned diameter of 180 mm.


    The larger XYZ CT 65 HD complements the existing Compact Turn; CT 65 and comes with enhanced turning capacity with a 510 mm maximum turned length, almost double its predecessor increasing by 250 mm, and a total z-axis travel of 525 mm. Another upgraded addition is the increased coolant delivery pressure, which now runs at 30 L/min at 2.5 bar. The HD designation relates to the CT 65 HD’s construction, which remains as a solid Meehanite ribbed casting, with x and y axes positioned along hardened and ground box slideways. Positioning is by ballscrews that have been increased in size to 28 mm (x-axis) and 40 mm (z-axis) respectively, with 20 m/min feedrates. Metalcutting performance is enhanced using a Siemens 23hp/17kW, 4500 revs/min unit and the upgraded Siemens 828D ShopTurn touchscreen control. This is backed by a Sauter 12-position 30 VDI turret with through tool coolant, along with the MT4 tailstock with 105 mm of quill travel. Other standard equipment includes a swarf conveyor, parts catcher, 200 mm diameter hydraulic chuck and a Renishaw Automatic Tool Setting Arm. The machine footprint is just 2950 mm X 2030 mm.

    “The arrival of these two additions to our turning centre range will provide us with a powerful turning centre portfolio, which we hope will see a better balance between turning centre and machining centre sales for XYZ Machine Tools. At present machining centres outsell turning centres by around 3 to 1, with these additions, we can see that becoming more in balance. We are already witnessing significant interest in the CT 52 LR with machines already delivered to customers,” Says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director XYZ Machine Tools.


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