ProtoTRAK update adds even greater ease-of-use


    ProtoTRAK update adds even greater ease-of-use

    ProtoTRAK update  adds even greater ease-of-use
    Thursday 14 May 2020 1:36:45 PM51 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    When the latest version of the world-leading ProtoTRAK control system was introduced it brought with it a range of benefits to improve programming efficiency and ease of use, all based around the 15.6 inch touchscreen that put all of ProtoTRAK’s advantages at the users’ fingertips. As with all successful products, to maintain their advantage development has to be continuous, with the latest update ProtoTRAK users of the control on XYZ RMX Bed Mills can further simplify the programming of complex parts, such as islands in pockets.

    New and existing users can take advantage of the islands in pockets feature by utilising the optional DXF converter, which can be added at time of ordering the machine or as a straightforward retrofit for existing XYZ RMX Bed Mills. With this option installed it is a simple process of importing the DXF file into the ProtoTRAK RMX control and the creation of the island program, for single or multiple islands in pockets, is created in the same easy way as any other machined feature in ProtoTRAK. The program toolpath can then be verified on-screen, with an estimated cycle time. For further reassurance a 3D solid model of the machined part can be generated.

    “ProtoTRAK remains at the forefront of programming technology for use on our XYZ bed mills and lathes and continues to be the ‘go to’ control for those making the step from manual to CNC operation, and for those looking for a machine/control combination that can simplify their manufacturing processes. ProtoTRAK’s popularity has continued through the current Covid-19 pandemic, with customers continuing to order and take delivery of ProtoTRAK controlled machines, with over 250 machines being delivered in the past six months,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.

    See for yourself the power of ProtoTRAK touchscreen DXF


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