Webinar: Tebis CAD/CAM for 5-axis Mill Trimming


    Webinar: Tebis CAD/CAM for 5-axis Mill Trimming

    Webinar: Tebis CAD/CAM for 5-axis Mill Trimming
    Friday 3 April 2020 1:44:54 PM60 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    For over 35 years, Tebis has provided CAD/CAM/MES software and associated services for mechanical component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacture, serving aerospace, automotive, motorsport, oil & gas industries etc.

    Tebis offers a specialist 5-axis mill trimming package for improved machining operation safety, quality, and efficiency as well as ease of uses. Tebis trimming package has been widely used for moulded plastic parts, composite components and other material parts.

    Key Benefits of Tebis CAD/CAM trimming:

    – Improved machine safety with optional Virtual Machines
    – Full collision avoidance of the spindle, cutting tools, tool holders and finished part
    – Optimisation of toolpaths, vectors and tilt directions for trimming operations
    – Template strategy technology
    – Quick and easy toolpath correction and modification for design changes
    – Option to read in and re-process legacy (pre-existing) toolpaths
    – Auto-recognition of standard shapes, with conversational output
    – Calculations can run in the background whilst preparation of additional parts can take place in the foreground

    Please join Tebis UK for the webinar:

    Time/Date: 15:00 to 15:30, Tuesday 7th April 2020

    Presenter: Andrew Walters, Application Engineer from Tebis UK

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