Feature Library For CAM Automation


    Feature Library For CAM Automation

    For Tebis, automation is a key principle for effective and efficient CNC programming while improving machining quality, efficiency and safety. One of the features to support CAM automation with Tebis CAD/CAM is the use of the feature library.

    Andrew Walters, Application Engineer of Tebis UK explains why you need Tebis CAM automation with feature library: “The feature library is the way of recognising the geometry data within the CAD model. Once Tebis software recognises the geometry data and assigns some basic attributes then, Tebis can start to add predefined machining operations to machine the geometries in the CAM programming process. This creates an environment where machining operations and parameters of the features can be optimised, standardised, predefined and are consistent across the company’s entire working process to improve CAM programming efficiency and quality.”

    Andrew describes: The feature library within Tebis automatically detects and assigns features to the geometries and automatically group features for machining. In addition to working with ruled geometries, Tebis software also recognises free-form geometries and do feature-based NC programming. Features are not limited to the usual 2.5D type features such as holes and a slots, Tebis software is capable of dealing with 2D open features and free-form shapes.


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