CAM Automation with NCSets – programming the Tebis way


    CAM Automation with NCSets – programming the Tebis way

    For Tebis, CAM automation is a key principle for effective and efficient CNC programming whilst improving machining quality, efficiency and safety. One of the features that supports CAM automation with Tebis CAD/CAM is the use of NCSets.

    Andrew Walters, Application Engineer of Tebis UK, explains why you need Tebis CAM automation with NCSets: “In Tebis, NCSets are described as sets of predefined machining operations for individual geometry features. Once the NCSets are associated with geometry features in Tebis CAD/CAM, we are able to machine entire groups of geometries with a single programming operation.”

    Tebis’ NCSets employ variables and conditional statements which make the automation elements in Tebis very powerful and intelligent. The software will also to apply NCSets to the machining of 3D open surfaces as well as the more typical 2.5D ruled geometry features. The variables are also used to define collision elements up front, making the NC programs very safe.

    In this video, we let Tebis discuss in more detail..


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