APH3G Maximises and Optimises Usage of Machines with Tebis CAD/CAM Software


    APH3G Maximises and Optimises Usage of Machines with Tebis CAD/CAM Software

    APH3G Maximises and Optimises Usage of Machines with Tebis CAD/CAM Software
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    APH3G purchased Tebis CAD/CAM software for their production in April 2018. By introducing Tebis to their workshop they can now save time and have much greater control over their machines than ever before.
    Based in Benfleet, Essex, with approximately 30 employees, APH3G was formed in 2006, although its parent company AP Hollings who are a vacuum forming manufacturer and fibreglass moulders was originally founded as a pattern making company by Arthur Pollard Hollings. The company has a history of over 60 years specialising in manufacturing vacuum formed products, fibreglass mouldings, rim mouldings with machining, assembly, prototypes, jigs & fixtures.
    Andy Hollings, Director, explains why they chose Tebis: “Upon looking at various companies and the packages they offered, we found Tebis to be very user friendly, with the technical capabilities being perfect for our requirements”. Martin Cork, Engineering Director, also explains: “Tebis CAD/CAM software helps us to produce the precision components to tight deadlines while producing high precision parts”.
    Martin continues to explain that before they purchased Tebis CAD/CAM, they used to trim all of the components manually and it was taking too much time for them. The company decided that it was the right time to invest and automate their CAD/CAM processes. APH3G first bought a trim license in April 2018. A few months later, they added another module for pattern machining. Around the middle of 2019, APH3G purchased the second Tebis license for pattern machining.
    APH3G has witnessed the improvements and benefits from using Tebis: “The software allows us to save time in the production. Also, Tebis has a great Virtual Machining technology. We have much greater control over our machines than ever before. We are able to see the collision before it happens and we finally have the full control and access over the whole production process”.

    The light holder all programmed using Tebis CAD/CAM on CMS Athena 5 axis trimming machine
    “What I like about Tebis software is that it is quick and easy to use, we are surprised at how quickly we have picked it up after few days training”, Martin added. He also says that the main software user who uses Tebis CAD/CAM system on a daily basis is extremely impressed with what can be achieved”.
    Martin’s experience of the support and service provided by Tebis team is a positive one. Tebis team are very supportive and friendly and whenever APH3G needs some support Tebis engineers sort everything out efficiently and quickly.
    APH3G is now considering their future plans for further expansion of their machining operations with Tebis advanced and automated CAD/CAM software. “We look forward to working more with Tebis in the future!”, concludes Martin Cork.

    – APH3G was formed in 2006, with AP Hollings as its parent company
    – Based in in Benfleet, Essex
    – Use Tebis CAD/CAM 5 axis trimming and milling
    – Introducing of Tebis has seen time reduction in their production
    – APH3G has now much greater control over their machines than ever before using Tebis Virtual Machining


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