SCHUNK To Demonstrate Automation Competence with Live Robotic Cell at MACH


    SCHUNK To Demonstrate Automation Competence with Live Robotic Cell at MACH

    SCHUNK To Demonstrate Automation Competence with Live Robotic Cell at MACH
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:21:03 PM64 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    SCHUNK will be demonstrating why it is the industry leader in gripping systems and clamping technology with a live demonstration at MACH 2020. On Stand 360 and 362 in Hall 20, SCHUNK will highlight its automation integration credentials with a live demonstration that will coordinate a machining centre with robotic loading, unloading and measuring.

    The automated machining cell will see components loaded into a FANUC RoboDRILL machining centre from a racking system via a FANUC robot and subsequently removed from the machining centre and loaded to a Renishaw Equator™. The machine bed of the FANUC RoboDRILL will also be equipped with SCHUNK’s VERO-S zero-point clamping technology, which will clamp components for the machining process. The Equator gauging system enables process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile and reprogrammable gauging to the shop floor. Designed for speed, repeatability and ease of use for manual or automated applications, the Renishaw Equator system will be working in complete synergy with the FANUC robot and SCHUNK in gripping systems and clamping technology.

    The base table of the Renishaw Equator on the SCHUNK stand will be loaded with the SCHUNK NSL mini 100-2 clamping station. The SCHUNK NSL mini is a compact stationary clamping system that has an extremely compact area of 199mm by 99mm by 30mm. This compact clamping configuration provides sufficient space for the robot to load parts into the working area of the Renishaw Equator. This compact design also enables larger workpieces to be loaded into the spacious workspace of the Equator whilst giving the Equator plentiful space to measure all sides of the loaded workpieces.

    Despite the compact design of the SCHUNK NSL mini, it offers a powerful clamping force of 1000N and this pull-down force is extended to 3000N with the SCHUNK NSL mini Turbo variant. The spring-loaded location system with cylindrical clamping offers precise short taper centring that is combined with the form-fit and self-retaining locking that is the hallmark of the SCHUNK quick-change pallet system.

    The multiple components in the automation cell at MACH 2020 are clamped in pallets that are all fitted with the SCHUNK NSR Robot modules. The NSR system is a maintenance-free robot coupling system for pallet handling that provides easy adaption to robot arms of all kinds. The compact, quick and easy to integrate pallet handling system allows automated machine loading to be located extremely close to the machine table, robot module and loading station. The SCHUNK NSR Robot modules can be operated with a system pressure of 6bar, which ensures that additional pressure intensifiers are not required. From a positional and repeatability perspective, the NSR has been designed with a very easy joining process that ensures a repeat accuracy of 0.005mm.

    The SCHUNK NSR Robot modules have a patented dual-stroke system that guarantees the highest possible pull-down forces to ensure that robust and rigid clamping minimises vibration. This is enforced by a form-fit self-retained locking system that maintains the full pull-down forces in the event of a pressure drop. Manufactured from stainless steel and completely sealed, the SCHUNK NSR Robot modules guarantee a long service life with maximum process reliability and stability.

    Beyond this cell that will undoubtedly appeal to manufacturers that are pursuing the benefits of automation, SCHUNK will also be demonstrating its vast range of clamping technology. For visitors to Stand 360 and 362 in Hall 20, SCHUNK will be showcasing a complete range of lathe chucks, jaws and steady rests, toolholders, quick change pallet systems, pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum and manual clamping systems, digital technology and much more.


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