Taking ‘Boring’ beyond the extreme

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    Taking ‘Boring’ beyond the extreme

    Taking ‘Boring’ beyond the extreme
    Friday 30 October 2020 4:11:07 PM41 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    When it comes to heavy-duty turn/mill centres, options are plentiful – but when it comes to size and quality, the Weingartner Maschinenbau MPMC range from RAM Engineering & Tooling Ltd is in a class of its own. For companies who manufacture high-value or high-complexity parts and want to improve their flexibility and productivity, the Weingartner MPMC with its multitude of options ticks the boxes.

    From a technical standpoint, the colossal turn/mill centres are a true marriage of both disciplines with a travelling column and RAM configuration fully integrated with the high powered turning spindle, the MPMC is the epitome of rigidity and performance.

    Weingartner has a proven track record in the field, with a multitude of patented features that already complement many manufacturing sectors including aerospace, power generation and offshore. The latest technology advancement available on the MPMC Series is the introduction of the modular ABU400 actuated boring unit. Developed to provide an internalchangable solution for manufacturers that are faced with difficult to machine internal features, the ABU400 is the auto-change solution which easily copes with interrupted cutting and the machining of welded surfaces, as well as hard and abrasion-resistant materials.

    In developing the generously sized but also very sturdy actuated boring unit, Weingartner worked closely with cutting tool manufacturers to design the ABU400. Utilising the integrated Pick-Up station on the MPMC machining platform, the actuated boring unit ABU400 can be exchanged automatically with a high-torque milling unit or other machining units from Weingärtner. For example, the actuated boring tool ABT from 4“ to 9“ for machining inner contours can also be exchanged automatically with a facing head via the integrated MPMC tool changer, which gives this multi-tasking machine a huge performance benefit when machining ring grooves on valve blocks.

    Further applications for the ABU400 actuated boring units from Weingärtner can be found throughout the offshore and power generation industries as well as the aerospace sector, with landing gear and engine shafts proving perfect examples. From a specification perspective, the ABU400 has a machining stroke of 250mm with a rotational speed up to 300rpm. From a power perspective, the ABU400 can achieve a maximum torque level of 1900Nm with a force-feed sleeve of 12kN.

    Looking closer at the Weingartner Maschinenbau MPMC range that accommodates this exciting new boring unit, the MPMC is available in six variants that include 600, 850, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000, this references the maximum turning diameter. The MPMC series has a bed length from 1m to 15m with a turning capacity up 2m diameter, depending upon the model selected. Again depending upon the chosen model from the MPMC, the range can accommodate billets up to 80tonne that can be machined with powerful spindle motor that ranges from 74kW to 198kW with the milling spindle providing unsurpassed power levels from 37kW to 70kW. For further information on the unparalleled power, precision and capabilities of the Weingartner Maschinenbau MPMC Series and the new ABU400 actuated boring unit, please contact RAM Engineering & Tooling Ltd.


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